What the Hell is Hose Water?

People have told me to start a blog for a really long time, but truth be told, I can’t stand blogs. I can’t stand bloggers. I can’t stand that word in general. It always felt like blogs were for pretentious people who believed they would bring enlightenment and laughter to the millions with their posted videos of unexpectedly talkative babies. That or they were presided over by people devoid of social skills who instead used their blog as an outlet to trash exes or color devil horns on celebrities. There are a few wonderful exceptions, but if you couldn’t tell, I have a low opinion of blogs. I didn’t read any, and arrogantly felt that they weren’t worth reading, or their proprietors would have actual columns or feature jobs.

It occurs to me now that people may not start these for the benefit of others, to amass as many readers as possible and maybe pull some fifteen minutes of journalistic fame. Maybe they write them for themselves. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve always wanted to write, so that’s what I will do. It is also what I will have to do, as I’m well aware a good portion of the things that will hit this page will not matter to all, or even many (should anyone even find them). Maybe just a few will care about a given piece, or maybe just myself. That’s ok too.

I envisioned this site as a sports writing column (because I love long-form sports writers); this means a lot of baseball if you know me. However, my usual routine entails a lot of media and pop culture, and thinking I’d be gifted enough to maintain a sports blog at a consistently high level was pretty stupid. So I had to figure out something all inclusive. I named it Hose Water, because in high school, a desiccated old rubber hose running from the ass end of our home dug out was our only water source, and we we never knew what was going to come out of it. Sports with some unexpectedness thrown in there. Perfect. Not to mention that water was occasionally hideous and undrinkable; I’m sure a few entries here will follow suit. The banners are hopefully also representative of the variety of things that instigate me to write, so click through a few. Maybe you’ll find one you like better. Besides it’s just fun if the words below it aren’t too interesting.

And come back once in a while. Even if it is a blog. I promise no talking babies.


One thought on “What the Hell is Hose Water?

  1. Gary Bernardo says:

    Thanks. I now have a blog to read. Not because you are who you are but more because you make me laugh a lot and usually think more.

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